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Caravelle production line 1959

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Caravelle production line at the W. Osgaard & Co. workshop in 1959

We have been researching the history of the companies of W. Osgaard & Co. and A/S Fermo Model-Factory and gathering documentation on models and manufacturing methods for more than 15 years. Using a network of local model makers, craftsmen and retailers, many of which were original suppliers to W. Osgaard & Co. and A/S Fermo Model Factory, we are able to restore models to as close to original factory standard as possible. We also have a worldwide network of collectors and museums helping with documentation on original models.

Even though these factories also made a large number of non-aviation related models such as ships, trains and machinery, our focus is on aviation models.

Please note that we only restore models that were originally manufactured by W. Osgaard & Co. and A/S Fermo Model-Factory.

We do not collect, sell or trade models.